In the year since we went live with the XET token, we obtained a Virtual Asset License from the Dubai government, listed on, crossed 370k+ holders, and more!  We wanted to take a moment to cover everything we have built and share the road ahead.

Strategic initiatives

We are the world's first media-entertainment blockchain platform to enter Dubai’s regulated virtual asset regime.

With a Virtual Asset License, we are one of the select few global crypto projects to gain access to a world-class regulatory ecosystem. This gives us a unique advantage to test, build, and scale the next iteration of the three essential parts of our decentralized entertainment ecosystem: streaming dApp (, Content funding platform (more below).

📺 The Mzaalo dApp 📺

User Growth

Consumer Insights

🎭 Top 3 content genres 🎭

Romance 30.61%
Drama 18.37%
Comedy 15%

🎁 Top rewards partners 🎁

Flipkart 17%
McDonalds 12.9%
Amazon 8.43%

🌍 User base by geography 🌍

India 87%
Rest of the world 13%

👫 Gender split 👫

Male 75%
Female 25%
  **🛒 Top reward categories  🛒**
Fashion & Lifestyle 25.21%
Food delivery 18.92%
Gifting 18.88%